MLS Listing Only


Consider this . . . Nearly every business that earns profits could not do so without employees working for them. This undeniable fact makes our MLS Listing Only is perfect for owners who understand that referrals and exposure can help drive profits.

Pricing, What’s Included & How does it Work…

  1. We will list your property on the MLS system.
    1. Unlimited Photos
    2. Virtual Tour
    3. 24 Hour turn around on updates
  2. Flat One-Time Fee of $375*.
  3. Hundreds of Agents will be able to refer clients to you.
  4. Property accessible from Hundreds of Websites including the Public MLS site.
  5. Agents will be directed to phone you to schedule showings and have any questions answered.

From here you handle it as you always have . . . Scheduling appointments, verifying prequalified status, negotiating (Price, potential repair costs, closing cost splits and benchmark dates) inspections, inspection responses & contingencies and etc.

Simply because you DO IT YOURSELF, but Know that does not mean it has to be BY YOURSELF!!!