Full Service


How much should I sell my home for?

    • We must also help you decide how much to list your home for as these two prices are rarely the same.  Coming onto the market at the right price is a crucial as you do not get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.
    • To help you decide we will complete a Market Analysis that will help you determine what price is appropriate considering your home and needs.
    • In addition to this we will also utilize our contacts in lending and appraisal circles to understand how these stakeholders will view the potential value of your home.

Should I make Improvements or Repairs?

    • This is YOUR decision…You appreciate your home and it is most assuredly admired by your friends and family. You may not need to make any changes or repairs to your home. However, your willingness to make improvements and repairs is great mental position to have when you plan on selling your home.
    • We will help you understand the types of inspections choose to have and are required to have that can prove to be obstacles to a closing once you receive a contract. Based on these conversations, you can make an informed decision that is best for you.
    • With that Said, our position as Real Estate Professionals along with our National Association is that making these now outside of a contract may be appreciated, but carries no guarantee of retuning your investment. Remember Major Repairs & Improvements can also be saved for the negotiating table and small repairs may help you get there!

Why RareXperience and how much are your fees.

    • We will LISTEN! You know your home, you know what you want & what you need. Our experiences are here to guide & help you…not tell you what to do…You have to give us your Business to start and we will spend everyday after that working to earn it!
    • From Day 1 we will work for you EVERYDAY, including Evenings, Saturdays & Sundays…Sounds simple but many agencies still do not realize many qualified buyers work Monday-Friday 7am-5pm.
    • We will provide you an estimated closing statement that will show all your costs, expenses & expected funds to be disbursed at closing.
    • Sometimes it is true…You get what you pay for! Different companies offer varying degrees of service. We offer only two services for those looking to sell property Full Service and MLS Listing only ($375).
    • Our Full Service commission rate is 6%.  A few highlights of  our full service program include the following
    • A comprehensive Marketing Plan that will help attract buyers to your home, ensure you have a large on-line presence and to get the word out in the community that your home is available for sale.
    • We will complete a Market Analysis that will help you determine the listing price of your home.
    • We will complete a “Fresh Eyes” synopsis of our 1st impression of your home and provide you with the feedback you need to have… We will share our professional opinions and critiques of your home for your consideration…Some Realtors are so anxious to get your listing they are reluctant to do this, but we understand you pay us to tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear.
    • During the 1st week you decide to list with RareXperience we will complete a “Fresh Eyes Tour” taking YOU to see several comparable properties to yours in order to allow you have the experiences that other potential buyers will have and to help you see your home from a fresh perspective.
    • Every room in the property will be photographed from multiple angles and measured. Pictures of your neighborhood and community will also be taken for perspective buyers.
    • A professional description highlighting the property’s features & qualities will be written and every property has flyers. Why have someone drive by your home and leave without anything to reflect on or remind them of the great home you have.
    • Makes Sense? Take the RareXperience Challenge:
      • Drive around and see how are simple philosophy and Best Practices are absent at many homes…Then consider how are more nuanced practices can benefit you.
    • We will also perform countless other tasks in order to give you the best representation possible, but again most importantly is that We will LISTEN! You know your home, you know what you want & need. Your needs, wants and concerns become ours. Together we will make sure you have the answers, communication and information necessary to give you the Peace of Mind you deserve.

Some of this may seem obvious and if you asked for these items, yes, many companies could try to deliver them…The RareXperience difference is we deliver them every time as part of a choreographed effort to ensure each action works in concert with one another to develop a culture that values attention to details and processes to support this attention in order to ensure your profits are maximized.

You do not get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression..Let RareXperience introduce your home to the world!