About Us


RareXperience is a full service Real Estate company serving Northwest Florida.  We offer many property support solutions in addition to helping traditional Buyers & Sellers navigate today’s complex  market place. As locally owned and operated independent company we have agents, administrative staff and vendors who all work, live and understand the Greater Northwest Florida community.

Simply said, RareXperience ensures that the complex interest of buyers / Sellers as well as that the mutual interests that Owners and Tenants naturally have, evolve into a relationship that allows the tenant to have s a well cared for home and the owner a well maintained investment.  This is accomplished by developing clearly outlined expectations, open communication lines and prompt service.  Together investors, buyers, sellers, tenants and RareXperience can bring back good business. Contact us Today and tell us how we can help.

Buying and Selling           Property Management  

We Promise that both today and tomorrow- we will save you time, money and give you the peace of mind you deserve, while proactively protecting and managing one of your most valuable assets.